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O U R  S T O R Y

How Uncle Chuang's Came To Be

Uncle (Sam) Chuang first had a spark to open up his own bakery while picking up his daughter from UC Riverside one weekend in 2012. She had just begun her freshman year as a pre-business student. During the car ride home, she told her dad that she went on an adventure to get a cake for a friend, but ended up at a local grocery with one that was too sweet.


After weeks of research and consulting with his friends, Mr. Chuang decided that he wanted to open the first Asian bakery in Riverside. Growing up in Taiwan, he always loved eating the fresh pastries and dishes from the local street vendors. He wanted to create similar flavors and products that brought back those nostalgic memories. To make his dream happen, he invested all his energy and resources into creating and establishing his bakery.


On December 8 of 2013, the first Uncle Chuang’s Bakery opened in Riverside University Village. With the help of his daughter, they ran the bakery together and even opened another one in Pomona on June 7, 2019.


To give back to the local communities and make sure that everyone can easily access fresh food on any given day, Uncle Chuang also hopes to keep the prices as low as possible. 


To this day, Chuang and his daughter bring together Asian and American culture by creating products that can satisfy the hunger of everyone – no matter the culture, status, or age.

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