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F A Q ' S

Frequently asked questions.

How many days in advance should I place my cake order?

One full day in advance will give us sufficient time to complete your order. However, if you are ordering a cheesecake, moussecake, tiramisu, or mango galore, we will need two days in advance.

Could I place an order for a cake on the same day of pick-up?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to take cake orders for the same day. However, we do have a selection of 6" and 8" cakes on display. 

Just give us a call and our store associate will gladly let you know what we have available. Cakes must be paid for IN-FULL over the phone, so please have your payment information ready.

Do you have vegan options?

We do not have vegan options as of right now. 

Are you an Asian bakery?

Yes, we are! More specifically, we are a Taiwanese bakery. It is a small country between China and Japan, so many of our products have influence from Chinese and Japanese pastries. In addition, we also have plenty of other desserts besides Asian-styled breads.

Do you have other sizes of tiramisu?

We only make the tiramisu in two sizes: 8 inch and individual ones that are 3 inch.

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